Keeping and organising notes

July 19, 2015

I’m a strong believer in taking notes. I find that writing something down increases my chances of committing the item to memory. Failing that, it’s always possible to refer back to the notes at a later time.

Working a tech job for a number of years, primarily under Linux, I was unable to find a decent established notes solution. At the same time, there were often a number of files I would generate on a particular day that weren’t full documents. They may have been assets ready to be uploaded to a jira ticket or graphs rendered out from stored metrics. At any rate, these are files that may be referred to later, but are only useful when bound to a particular day.

I’ve started writing a script called today which should help to provide a solution for some of the above issues.

$ today

Write or amend a set of notes for today

Opens a file called under today’s directory using the default editor.

today notes

Change directory to today

today cd

See more usage information

today help

See also